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Developer: Napplics
3.99 usd

Designed for musicians, Speedshifter is a practice tool that enables you to adjust the speed of any audio track without altering the pitch. It is perfect for musical, slow practice to a recorded accompaniment. Developed by ABRSM (the exam board of the Royal Schools of Music), it can be used with any compatible track in your music library* to help you learn new pieces.Speedshifter can also be used to:- listen closely to tricky pieces you’re finding particularly hard to learn by slowing them down- focus on specific sections using the loop function- transpose a track up or down in semitones to fit with a preferred key or range- set a reference tempo (BPM) by tapping in time with a track- store tapped BPM and loop points automatically (once you’ve registered) - sync BPM and loop settings seamlessly across devices once you’ve downloaded the free desktop version ( - sound a tuning note – simply shake for an A!* Important info- Speedshifter Android currently supports playback of MP3, OGG, FLAC and WAV files stored on your device. It cannot access files stored online in cloud accounts.- Before downloading please try Speedshifter Lite, our free version, to check it runs well on your device.